Benefits of Using React Native for Mobile App Development

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4 min readApr 11, 2023

There has been tremendous growth in the mobile app development market in recent years.

According to reports, there are 2.87 million apps on the Google Play Store. 21% of Millennials use an app at least 50 times a day. 49% of people use an app more than once a day. Mobile apps account for 70% of US digital media time. You can drive rapid growth in your business by developing a mobile app.

The ultimate goal that all businesses seeking to make a mobile presence plan to achieve — regardless of what category they belong to — is to reach the masses at low development costs with a quick launch.

Businesses usually have to choose between one or the other element. A fast time to market and low development cost will mean compromising on app quality and focusing on app quality will increase the time to market and cost factor.

In many ways, React Native has established itself as the framework closest to providing businesses with the ideal trio of offerings, which sets it apart from the quality but time-consuming Native App Development process. There has been no stopping React Native since it underwent a re-architecture.

React Native’s development framework is a game-changer for businesses as it simplifies mobile app development and enables cost-effective and timely delivery. React native offers 5 key benefits.

- React flexibility

With React, you can easily modify its behavior to match your requirements. The library is free and open-source and it can be used in a variety of situations. React is the right pick if you want a seamless interface with other libraries and frameworks. Modularity allows developers to collaborate easily, and working with third-party libraries offers a lot of flexibility.

It is easier to start developing with React than with other frameworks. There are thousands of free resources available to solve practically any application development problem due to the highly detailed syntaxes.

- Third-party plugin compatibility

The biggest disadvantage of cross-platform app development is that you can’t incorporate the device’s hardware capabilities into your mobile app when you aren’t developing a mobile app for a specific operating system, i.e. native app development.

With React Native apps, you will not face this kind of issue. With the library, developers can include device-in-built elements like GPS, Bluetooth, etc. in their mobile applications through the use of third-party plugins.

In addition, since React native apps use third-party plugins, they do not experience high memory usage or load speed issues.

- Reusable Component

In the past, hybrid mobile apps were developed using WebView components. React Native apps are built with building blocks made of reusable “native components” and tend to compile directly to native code.

Further, React Native has counterparts for Android and iOS components, allowing developers to achieve a platform-agnostic look and feel.

With React Native Apps, you can even develop apps with an agile, web-based approach — going beyond the standard hybrid app development process. As a result, the app has the look, feel, and functionality of a native mobile app.

- SEO friendly

By itself, React is not SEO-friendly since it is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. There are, however, ways to make a React-powered website SEO-friendly.

  • A way to do this is to use server-side rendering (SSR) to pre-render the initial HTML so that search engines can crawl it and index it.
  • You can also generate static HTML pages from a React app and serve them to search engines using

For managing individual page head tags, you can use a library like React Helmet.

- Easy to test and debug

As a component-based framework, React is easy to test and debug. It is easier to isolate and identify any issues since each component is self-contained and can be tested individually. It is also possible to easily debug the component hierarchy and state using the React Developer Tools browser extension.

Furthermore, React’s virtual DOM enables efficient updates, requiring less testing and debugging throughout the entire application.

Famous Apps Built with React Native

  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Skype
  • Uber Eats
  • Discord
  • Airbnb

And more!

To wrap up

There has been a boom in React Native’s popularity since its release. For developers, it’s an efficient framework, for businesses it’s a profitable technology, and for end users, it’s a satisfactory solution.

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