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8 min readFeb 3, 2023

Offshoring helps companies stay competitive and stay ahead of their competitors since it saves time and money.

Offshoring has proven to be a highly effective strategy for hiring offshore vendors or developers to help build digital products while founders focus on other aspects of their businesses.

You need to choose the right offshore development team for the success of your app and business. Around 72% of companies prefer outsourcing software development offshore over in-house development, according to a global outsourcing survey.

We will discuss the following topics in this blog

  • Who are dedicated developers?
  • Advantages of hiring an offshore software development team
  • A 3-step process for hiring an offshore software development team
  • Tips for hiring a dedicated development team for your next project
  • Mistakes to avoid while hiring dedicated developers

By the end of this article, you should be able to understand why you should hire developers offshore, the advantages of hiring them, a 3-step process, and tips for hiring an offshore development team.

Who are dedicated developers?

A dedicated developer is an outsourced professional who works for an organization on a set of deliverables. On-demand developers are disbanded once the deliverables are approved. The purpose of their hiring is to assist with the development of a specific software project. While bridging skill gaps within your organization, they require no tax, HR, or administrative responsibilities. By saving money, time, and resources, you can focus on your organization’s priorities.

Developers and programmers are somewhere between full-time employees and part-time employees. Aside from offering greater flexibility and costing less than full-time employees, they are distinguished from part-timers by their dedication, skill set, and goal-oriented work.

Advantages of hiring an offshore software development team

It is still beneficial and advantageous to hire dedicated developers despite all the difficulties they might pose.

Check out this list.

  1. Engagement is high

Management of offshore teams is crucial to the success of a project. A dedicated developer must interact with your team, the client, and the client’s team. Outsourcing teams gives you control over the project, which is one of their many benefits. Communication tools such as Basecamp, JIRA, Slack, Skype, Ace Project, etc., can help you manage the team effectively. The team’s productivity increases when collaborative sessions are held consistently, which leads to positive outcomes.

2. Expanded skills

By hiring a dedicated development team offshore, you will have access to talented developers from around the world. Your capabilities are expanded and you no longer have to worry about rehiring or retraining employees. In their current state, communication apps and methods allow offshore developers to synchronize their work with developers in-house.

3. Flexibility

The benefits of hiring an offshore app development team include flexibility, agility, and responsiveness to changes and obstacles. You can add offshore app developers to your internal team. Delivering projects within budget constraints becomes easier with their help, even when priorities and necessities change. A periodic and repeating task that requires more resources can benefit from this method. For example, new releases on strict timelines, startups, technology migrations, etc.

4. Focus

Offshore app development promises focused work without distractions. The offshore team’s development process will continue, and they will be available for any new proposals or developments.

5. Industry expertise

A team of offshore developers familiar with your business’s industry can provide advice about how the project should proceed and how your competition is doing it. Also, it’s quite comforting to know that your development team has successfully completed projects related to yours.

6. Predictable budget

Offshore dedicated developers are a great way to stay within your budget. Dedicated developers will sign an agreement defining the terms of the engagement. There will be information about the deliverables due, the submission timeline, the various costs, and expenses, etc. As a result, there are no budget surprises.

3-step process for hiring an offshore software development team

-Finding the potential offshore software development team

  1. First, choose offshore or nearshore.

Looking for greater control over the daily activities of your team? Then consider nearshore. However, you will also be limited in your ability to access quality talent, and the cost may not be favorable. Best dedicated software teams are generally autonomous in their decision-making and have tested and refined their operating and delivery models to minimize communication overhead. So, choose an offshore software development partner who has experience handling similar businesses to yours and can offer some overlap in work hours.

2. Secondly, prepare a credible list of options.

You can easily access a list of offshore software development partners through several legitimate listing websites. A quick reference to these websites can assist you in creating a list of possible partners. Choose customer video testimonials that come from CTOs or technology heads rather than from mid-level managers or developers. Check their customer profiles to see if they are similar to yours.

3. Lastly, contact your close network.

Find the right offshore software development partners with the help of referrals. See if anyone in your network has done this before. Their experiences can provide you with unbiased and honest feedback.

Knowing where to search for good software engineering service providers can make the process quick and easy. Starting the evaluation process is the real challenge.

-Software development team evaluation

Break down the evaluation into questionnaires so decision-making is easier.

Is your startup early, growing, or mature?

Growth-stage startups have different requirements. You should look for an offshore software development team if you’re an early-stage company. They can build scalable MVPs or transform MVPs into market-ready products.

If you have a fast-growing startup, you will need a product manager who can scale the product team quickly and efficiently while maintaining architectural integrity.

In mature startups, look for a partner who can independently work on creating new features, and adding new technologies like AI/ML, Blockchain, Big Data, and IoT, etc.


Are you considering a fixed or short-term project or a long-term/strategic project? Always use the time and material pricing model for long-term projects. Especially in uncertain environments, it will prevent unnecessary issues that can lead to startup failures.

Choose an offshore partner with a longer average customer tenure if you are looking for a long-term software development team. Longer tenures demonstrate a higher level of trust and ability to deliver on the product roadmap than shorter tenures.

Are they trustworthy?

It is vital to have a partner for all your software engineering needs and IP protection. You should pick one that has all the technical features you need and has a large customer base with high quality and volume. Verify the testimonials provided by the company. Case studies and whitepapers are essential. Make sure they are authorized partners with Google, Amazon, Microsoft, etc.

Do they fit into your culture?

The offshore software development team should act as an extension of the product team in-house. If the work culture is different, it is impossible to work effectively. If you are a startup, choose one with good product development experience at your stage and above. One that specializes in startup software engineering is the best choice. Having a technology partner like this on board can help your startup drive innovation by providing highly aligned software development teams.

The relative size difference?

Vendor teams should not be too big or too small compared to your team size. You may not receive the proper attention from tech experts if the offshore software development partner is considerably larger than your startup. They might not be able to fulfill your software engineering needs if they are too small. Find the right balance.

Now that we have completed the evaluation process, let’s move on to testing.

-Testing the potential offshore software development team

We are here to test the offshore software development team’s capabilities before committing to a longer-term, involving greater sums of money. Here are three ways to test your preferred partner:

Take a trial run

It takes about two weeks for this method to be completed and can help you assess about 60% of the vendor’s potential. Here are some points to keep in mind:

  1. Organize a two-week trial run with the team and evaluate them based on their design, code, quality, productivity rate, problem-solving approach, communication overheads, and agile methodologies.
  2. You can share a limited version of the product with a team of 2–3 people and ask them to build new user stories on top of it. To determine the effectiveness of these stories, compare them with an already-existing feature.
  3. From planning a sprint to designing and building a feature, observe their performance at each stage. Enhances visibility into their capabilities and operating model.

Proof of concept development

It is possible to judge their effectiveness at solving architectural problems by doing this. PoC development can be accomplished in two ways:

  1. PoC without payment to evaluate the offshore team’s abilities to solve any problems. Best of all, it’s free!
  2. Paid PoC to review their work for 1–2 weeks. You will gain a deeper understanding of the offshore software development team’s skills.

To ensure that the offshore software development partner knows you are serious, we recommend the paid option. Your decision on working with them or finding another capable partner will be based on their solution.

Interview key stakeholders

The following step can help you determine whether the offshore software development partner is capable of meeting your technical requirements.

  1. Participate in fundamental groundwork with key stakeholders such as team leaders and prominent engineers.
  2. Talk with tech experts to learn what can be improved, any visible risks, and their approach to improving your product.
  3. Make a mini assignment with crucial engineers to gain a better understanding of their approach.

Here are some tips for hiring a dedicated development team for your next project

Clearly describe your requirements

Defining your project clearly is the first step to finding a developer agency or vendor. Clearly defining your project’s goals, schedule, personnel, talent, business, user, and software requirements, along with your expectations, is essential. With these, you can build a team quickly with the resources you need.

Conduct a proper interview

Conduct extensive interviews before finalizing your team to ensure their background, experience, and fit with the company. Make sure you don’t just rely on your vendor to find you a team.

Ensure daily updates are managed effectively

Contact the project manager even if the dedicated workers aren’t full-time employees. Regular updates and involvement in development are essential.

Don’t forget to sign an NDA

Signing an NDA is a crucial step that is often overlooked. You are required to take responsibility for third-party actions under new data privacy laws.

Mistakes you should avoid when you hire a dedicated team

Hiring the wrong skilled personnel

A Priority should be given to interviewing all potential hires. Consider the candidate’s experience, expertise, cultural compatibility, and communication skills when interviewing them.

Lack of thorough background checks

It is crucial to conduct a background check on your vendor and your developers. Take a look at the vendor’s case studies and portfolio, and check the references they provide.

Cutting corners to save money

The dedicated development team always delivers quality work on time. Investing in the right resources is the only way to achieve this. Even though cutting corners and requesting discounts may save you money, they will eventually impact quality.


When an entrepreneur has an interesting idea, it’s the best time to hire a dedicated development team.

Dedicated developers can provide 100% focus on the project.

Today, hiring can be challenging for businesses if they do it alone. Nevertheless, hiring can be made easy and comfortable with the assistance of a software provider with experience.

If you want to deliver an advanced product on time, we recommend off-shoring software development to an experienced team.



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