How IoT is Transforming the Travel Industry

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5 min readMar 20, 2023

In the travel industry, customers expect affordable innovation and superior customer service. Due to high competition and the need for cost-effective services, businesses in this industry were among the first to adopt IoT.

In the future, the Internet of Things may have a significant impact on businesses, automating processes without human-to-computer or human-to-human interaction.

Considering the sheer volume of adoption and the ability to interconnect and communicate among devices, systems, and services, the Internet of Things is expected to disrupt the travel industry.

Smart devices, systems, and processes connected to the Internet of Things are streamlining the end operations of hotels, airlines, and other travel companies. In the travel industry, IoT technology can increase operational efficiency and enhance guest experiences.

Trends in travel technology


Tourism, like any other industry, currently takes advantage of all AI can offer. AI has brought machine learning, robotics, and virtual assistants to travel. The ability to customize and automate recommendations based on the tourist’s preferences, destination, and previous experiences. Using robots to handle baggage quickly and efficiently is another AI issue currently being tackled in Dubai.

Both tourists and businesses can benefit from the use of chatbots and virtual assistants in the travel industry. Why not bring a friend along on your trip? The app not only helps you to optimize the route and avoid difficulties along the way, but it also offers the best activities with a personal touch to make your trip memorable.

VR and AR

For the travel industry, applying virtual and augmented reality has been quite a challenge. To attract new customers and provide better service, it uses VR and AR marketing. Before booking, you can view hotel rooms or explore ski resorts. It is possible to travel to exotic destinations virtually and decide if you want to see them in person. Try some of the interesting services available for this.

Augmented reality can replace virtual reality as a major player in the travel industry. When combined with wearables, which is another buzzing travel trend, it has a greater number of practical applications. Tourists can use AR mobile apps to translate, navigate, and explore attractions from their accommodation.


Wearables, Wi-Fi connectivity, and voice technology are all part of the Internet of Things, which combines all of these trends to provide a new and better world of connected devices. Do you believe that the network of devices can make your travel enjoyable and stress-free? Here’s how.

A look at how IoT is transforming travel

Companies are leveraging IoT in multiple sectors to boost competitiveness and customer satisfaction.

Stress-free environment onboard

It is easy to find your way around an airport. Your smartphone notifies you of your flight status and gives directions to the gates, luggage carousels, lounges, or the nearest coffee shop. You can track your belongings anywhere with reusable electronic bag tags rather than paper ones.

In-flight experiences also drastically improve. A crew member can comfort a passenger whose heart rate has jumped too high or who is feeling thirsty with sensors embedded in their seats. It is possible to monitor and manage body temperature, hydration level, and anxiety level.

Before the travel begins

Personal visits to travel agents have become a thing of the past. Now that everything is moving online, you can book flights and hotels from the comfort of your own home. In addition, your travel agent already knows your preferences because of previous trips, social media content, feedback, shopping lists, etc. Connected devices help travel agencies (or similar) find a perfect match for you regarding cost, flight convenience, hotel suggestions, etc.

Adventurous journeys without unwanted consequences

Popular tourist destinations struggle to manage tourist attractions and transportation systems while the number of tourists grows. In big cities, IoT is irreplaceable: crowd management, navigation, information on various places of interest, upcoming events, and many other functions are essential.

When visiting a new city, you can locate your favorite clothing brand on a device connected to the internet, find the nearest bus stop and free parking lot and optimize your route to meet your preferences. The widespread adoption of the Internet of Things in different aspects of city life leads to a more global concept of a Smart City. AI and robotics, IoT and wearable devices connected and autonomous vehicles all work together to provide a less stressful, eco-friendly and optimized environment.

Technology and Human Interaction

The Internet of Things enables travel agencies to stay in touch with customers while also leveraging innovations. Through mobile apps, the company can establish a cross-platform relationship with travelers. In the meantime, it gathers behavioral information about them. When a marketing strategy and customer satisfaction are combined, it results in a successful marketing campaign.

Make yourself at ease

Every hotel guest can customize settings with IoT-enabled apps. The remote control is available for setting and controlling the temperature, light, heating, and television in the room. The electronic key on your smartphone allows you to lock your room and restrict access to certain people. In your room, you can order food and request additional towels. It also becomes easier to maintain the hotel. Sensors allow staff to determine if the room is empty or occupied, whether new towels are needed, or whether a food tray should be taken away by housekeeping.

Using data gathered by connected devices, hoteliers can provide the highest level of personalization. The staff can prepare you a gluten-free drink, tune the TV to your favorite news channel, and place a yoga carpet near your bedroom’s open window before you arrive. By using IoT, brand loyalty can be built.

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IoT and tourism have enormous potential together. By leveraging this technology, travelers can plan their trips more efficiently, experience flawless customer service, enjoy more sustainable trips, and save money on travel. IoT in tourism will streamline and automate time-consuming and mundane tasks in hotels, restaurants, museums, trains, and more, resulting in a more pleasant experience for visitors and employees. It is however necessary to implement technology and extract insights properly to reap the benefits. Contact HashStudioz Technologies Inc. if you’d like to learn how IoT can benefit your business and for best travel technology solutions.



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