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6 min readSep 9, 2022

What is the future of mobile apps for travel and tourism in 2022? Can we watch our favourite destinations in real-time, or explore them without even leaving the office? Perhaps we’ll have a host of new ways to experience the culture and different fluid ways to search through historical data. Though mobile app development companies have been doing a lot in the same niche yet again, there is a lot that has to be explored.

There could be the opportunity to see what’s best at certain times of day and customize our plan according to personal preferences. Which sites will start incorporating augmented reality technology into their websites? These are all questions that need answers when planning a roadmap for tomorrow’s apps.

Best Mobile App Ideas for the Travel & Tourism Industry in 2022

  1. Hotel booking app: In most cases, a hotel booking app is the most likely candidate for being in use in 2022. It’s easy to understand why. Most hotels will have a mobile website and users are generally aware of the need to book their lodging via one of these sites. However, there’s the question of how effective smartphone booking technology is at actually getting a reservation made. A smart device-based booking app may be able to simplify and expedite the process and deliver guests more information on their choices. In addition, a mobile app development company can help in creating a hotel booking app in the best ways.
  2. Hotel content sharing: Over time, hoteliers have worked hard to create experience-driven content through their websites that attract travellers based on various factors, such as location, star ratings, and photo galleries. It is one area that could boost mobile app downloads in the future. After all, travellers already research destinations from their handheld devices, which means that the amount of info on hotel websites can be overwhelming for those who just want a quick overview of the property. A mobile app could make it easier to access the resources that matter most, like amenities, restaurant descriptions, and guest reviews. A travel app development company would be appropriate when it comes to creating an app like hotel content sharing.
  3. Fluid wayfinding: One of the biggest issues facing travellers is knowing how to get around when they’re in an unfamiliar area. There are millions of apps out there designed to help people find their way. However, even with them, it’s often easy to get lost. The solution to this is an app that, essentially, works like a GPS for your phone. The app would give directions based on the map you’re currently viewing and would intelligently extrapolate useful information based on whatever is nearby (restaurants, shops, etc.). It would be more useful than Google Maps or Waze because it wouldn’t just require the user to know how to get somewhere he’s never been before; upon arrival, he could open the app and follow instructions.
  4. Airbnb or similar booking apps: A large portion of the travel and tourism industry involves booking accommodations. The biggest issue with this system is that the user has to search each site individually. A better solution is a mobile app that provides a unified user experience for several different sites, like Airbnb, Hotel Tonight, and This would allow the user to search for places to stay on a single platform and then make an informed decision about where he wants to stay. In addition, to create an app like this, mobile development companies in India and the USA will be able to help in the most appropriate ways.
  5. Trip-planning apps: There are dozens of apps out there designed to help people plan their trip itineraries. None of them is great. The solution, then, is a more comprehensive trip-planning app that gives the user the ability to build an itinerary in a matter of minutes. It needs to have plug-ins for all the most popular social media sites (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) and give suggestions regarding where the user should visit and what he should do when he gets there. It would be very similar to Twitter’s “Postcards,” which allows users to create a life story that their followers can see as it’s happening. Do you need help with creating trip-planning apps? Travel technology service companies in India and the USA can help you appropriately!
  6. Task managers for tourists: At some point during every vacation, travellers spend an enormous amount of time trying to keep track of all the places they’ve been and things they’ve done. The solution to this is a mobile app that works like a checklist for a tourist’s trip. It could even have GPS functionality, which would allow it to automatically keep track of every place the user has been and automatically add or subtract points depending on what he does at each location. It also needs to be able to generate a list of photos and videos taken by the user during his trip and give him the option to share them with other people or upload them to social media sites.
  7. Social media apps: It’s an undeniable fact that social media is integral to most people’s experiences while on vacation. As such, it’s only natural that there would be a need for social media apps centred around travel and tourism.
  8. Apps with AI: As artificial intelligence becomes more and more sophisticated, the need for new apps will grow. These will do everything from assisting with communication in other languages to providing helpful alerts when you’re near attractions of interest to you.
  9. Augmented Reality Apps: AR has been marketed as the next major innovation in technology, so we can reasonably expect AR-based travel-related apps to crop up by 2022. These could show tourist attractions superimposed on a real street or cityscape.
  10. Airline apps: Think of these as car apps on steroids. The main difference is that, unlike cars, passengers carry on their smartphones a wealth of information about the airline through which they are travelling. For example, an app could offer details about airport delays and even allow you to make changes to your itinerary before you board the plane.

Importance of Mobile Apps for the Travel and Tourism Industry

  1. Mobile app development has a greater ROI than traditional advertising, as users are more likely to pay for a service than view an advertisement.
  2. Travel and tourism mobile apps can be used to promote tourist destinations and excursions, as well as drive sales of related products.
  3. Mobile apps are inexpensive, with the average cost of app development sitting at $10,000. This is significantly lower than other forms of marketing, like print or television.
  4. Mobile apps can be distributed globally far more easily than print or television advertisements. However, they still have the power to reach a large number of potential customers because mobile data usage continues to grow at exponential rates each year.
  5. Apps increase the customer base as they are always available at the user’s fingertips.
  6. Mobile apps are easy to update, which means that there is no need for costly and time-consuming redesigns.

Social media platforms are a core part of most people’s travel experiences, and this trend will continue in 2022. What remains to be seen is which social media platforms will dominate the travel industry in five years. Facebook is currently the king, but it could be usurped by Snapchat or Instagram in the upcoming years. When it comes to social media and mobile app development, it pays to think ahead — just as travel companies have been doing for over a decade now.

Wrapping up

Keeping aside the travel apps discussed above, there are heaps of concepts that one can research and come up with better ideas. Yet again, it becomes daunting to opt for the right one to get the ultimate attention of the customers or users. Also, one needs to understand that one has to keep in sight the latest trends that are happening in the market to stay ahead with whatever app or technology one is thinking to come up with!! But if you have been looking for a travel app development company, then HashStudioz can help you most appropriately.

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